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To the Finnish Line!

Fun facts to finish my Finnish fun.

I've been busy learning about VERY important cultural practices to share with you. This is irresponsible investigative journalism at it's best, friends; none of what you're about to read has been fact checked except for No. 5.

1. You are allowed to own one marijuana plant, and only for decorative purposes. Because nothing adds ambience to a room quite like a marijuana plant.  They call it weed for a reason, probably because: it's not meant for decorative purposes.

2. Women are allowed to sell themselves for sex, but only if they pay taxes on their income. However, the act of purchasing sex is illegal.  So basically it’s only illegal if you get caught. Personal tip for you here: don’t claim it as a deduction if you are on the buyer’s side.  

3. Hesburger, the hamburger chain that rivals McDonald’s in Finland, has its own hotel in Turku. Congratulations, Finland, you’ve out-Americaned the Americans.

4. Before the Myllysilta bridge collapsed on the Aura River last year, residents tried tying balloons to the bridge to keep it erect. And before you think this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard, here’s a photo:


I wish I was at that city hall meeting.  "What an air headed plan!”  “Can we float some other ideas?”  “How about some with no strings attached?!” “Have we considered Viagra?!"

5. One of my pet peeves is when these historic castles and palaces put no effort into recreating how the structures were used back in the day — especially when there’s an entrance fee. (Yes I’m talking to you Medieval Times).  I want to see authentic banquet tables with fake food. Bedrooms with beds and armoires. For its effort, I will give the Turku Castle a 2.0/5.0 for at least making the creepy rooms extra creepy with 14th century carved wooden religious relics, and docents who are dressed like serfs. But for the costume section where tourists can dress like knights and nobility — 5.0!! One of the best jousts/photo ops I’ve had in a castle.

IMG_3599.jpg 90_IMG_3594.jpg

6. There are slot machines everywhere in Finland. Of particular interest were the ones at the front of the supermarket. All I know is, if they had these back in the states, specifically in Florida, my grandma would be addicted to “grocery shopping.”


7. Apparently the Finns don’t discriminate when it comes to breeds of dogs and ability to sniff out drugs. I saw a policeman with a poodle on patrol, and seriously stopped in my tracks to consider this. A poodle. As a drug dog. I, for one, would readily hand over any suspicious substances for the sake of a cute poodle. Especially if it was wearing a dog sweater.


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I feel like I would be the one that came up with the balloon idea at the town hall meeting. :-/ I would also be the one to claim the prostitution deduction. They can't tax the BOTH of us! And thank you for inquiring officer, and that's a lovely poodle if I might add, but this is simply a car decoration that caught on fire!

by Chris

why oh why did I not take you to the Elizabethan banquet...you're going to have to do a UK stop before you head home AND you can use the selfie spoon for photo op to rival the above.

CS x

by Captain Sweatpants

When you leave the hotel, I bet your clothes smell like French fries...

by Katie

Now we know why Finland is one of the happiest places to live on this earth. The flora (marijuana plants) and the fauna (the illegal / legal women of the night or day for that matter). Keep writing I think you found your next vocation.
by Patrick

by bobbie1044

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